HDR Photography – Boat Graveyard, Barbados

I had driven past this collection of sorry old tugs in Barbados several times but when I spotted ‘Ocean Kelly’ for sale I decided to stop and add these beauties to my collection of all things crumbly in HDR.  They make me feel sad but simultaneously hyper.  There is something about objects that were once important and the pinnacle of someone’s life, now totally abandoned and washed up, that makes me feel like I want to cry.  But then, they DO make good photos….

HDR Image of a wrecked fishing boat

Ocean Kelly Old Fishing Boat

HDR Image of a Old Fishing Boat, Barbados





  1. These boats are absolutely stunning – but the HDR medium you’ve chosen really adds that emotional edge to the photographs, highlighting the element of story and history behind each boat.

  2. Hi Kelly, these are fab. Maybe if the beauty is still there you could but her and give her a new home.