Chef Portrait Photography – Busy Kitchen

Chef Portrait Photography – The story of a busy service in a hot kitchen

I had to pinch myself to remember that this was a working day.  I was about to set foot into a different world.  A world that I have admired from afar.  For those of you who have learned your jus from your gravy and your tuile from your biscuit will know what I’m talking about.  Having been spellbound by all things chef, this was to prove one of the most exciting shoots of my career so far.  The client?  I.O. Shen Master Grade Knives.  Natalie, the big boss, is already immersed in the world of the chef and wanted some Chef Portrait Photography to appeal to the people who actually use her knives in their kitchens.

Armed with a enormous collection of Natalie’s quite stunning knives we set off to join Head Chef Wayne Sullivan and his team in Cirencester.  When we arrived prep was already in full flow.  I found myself skipping between the different prep areas recording the chefs’ knife skills.  Josh grabbed his new knife eagerly from Natalie and within less than a minute had almost amputated his index finger.  ‘They’re sharp then’, he mumbled in awe.

Lunch service soon began and things really started to heat up in the kitchen.  Chef Wayne was a sight to behold, in command of his team and creating works of art on the plates.  A splash of shouting and drizzle of swearing was all that was needed to create a smooth running service with very happy customers.

I love working with I.O.Shen.  Natalie has fabulous ideas and together we create lovely images.  I’m so pleased with the end results.  So is Natalie.  She has all of the images plastered across her office in canvas.  She stares dreamily at them while thinking up her next knife design.

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 Chef Portrait Photography | © Kelly Jo Photography

This first image of Chef Wayne stood in the middle of his busy kitchen was the biggie.  It took an hour to shoot and features over 25 images blended together.  Can you spot some strategically placed I.O. Shen Knives?

I O Shen Master Grade Chefs Knives

Chef Portrait Cooking

Head Chef with his team

Chef Plating Up

Head Chef Portrait

Head Chef Preparing Food

Chef Portrait at the Pass

Head Chef Portrait Photography