The Methuen Shakespeare Globe Launch

The Methuen Shakespeare Globe Launch – our VIP event in London!

The day had finally come.  There had been much anticipation within the Methuen Shakespeare Team.  This was the night.  The night of The Methuen Shakespeare Globe Launch.  The night where Judy Methuen would have the chance to show the world her history making piece of art. We gathered at The Globe as the final group of Shakespeare Fans trotted off on their tour of the theatre.  We set to work, moving the art into place and creating a space for our VIP guests to browse and enjoy.   Pete, our ever patient contact from The Globe, took us all outside for a briefing.  He then said ‘Oh, and of course!  There’s your poster!’  We all spun on our heels to be faced with my image of the head of the bust.  Proudly displayed at the front entrance of the exhibition.  I think my face says it all..

Kelly Jo Hearsey | Photographer BuckinghamshireI’m slightly agog.

Kelly Jo Hearsey & Sarah MethuenKell & Sarah Methuen, Judy’s daughter and driving force, basking in glory

In a crazy rush we prepared welcome drinks, adjusted chairs, beautified and took a deep breath.  The VIPs started to arrive and we started to do our best mingling.  It was a real treat to watch Judy chatting with all her admiring guests.  She was animated and passionate about her art, telling stories and giving insights into her magical world.

Artist Judy Methuen | © Kelly Jo Photography

Judy Methuen Artist | © Kelly Jo Photography

Thomas Wheatley - Actor | © Kelly Jo Photography

KellyPhotosatGlobeVIPMy photos out on display in The Globe’s big exhibition room

The beautiful Sarah then introduced Judy, along with Roger Taylor, our cultural links chap.  Roger interviewed Judy and she spoke about the physical process of making the bronze.  She also discussed the background of the Cobbe Portrait and its role in the project.  Jude explained how for many months she would do her best work on the bust at 4am!  Judy then took questions from the audience.  Sarah unveiled the bust to a rapturous applause.  It was so wonderful to watch as the audience filed up on stage to feel Will.  He loved it!

Sarah Methuen & The Methuen Shakespeare Bust

Sarah Methuen | © Kelly Jo Photography

Judy Methuen Artist | The Methuen Shakespeare

Judy Methuen - Methuen Shakespeare Bust

Methuen Shakespeare Bust | © Kelly Jo Photography

Onwards and upwards from here. Sarah Methuen and I have hatched some cheeky plans and will be sure to be telling you more about those later.  If you’d like to know more about the Methuen Shakespeare Bust click HERE.  For more of my ART photography click HERE!  xx