Company Photo Shoot

Databasix team up for a company photo shoot

I met Kellie and Regina, the female contingent of Databasix UK Ltd at an Afternoon Tea.  Yes, we were stuffing our faces full of cake and yes, we were networking.  Ladies like us never stop.  Networking that is, not eating cake.  We were attending a business networking event for ladies who belong to The Athena Network. There were lots of business connections being made all around the room and many Rosedene Bakery scones being munched.  Multi-tasking skills at their most useful.

Kellie and Regina and I got talking, got laughing and realised we had lots of things in common.  In addition, the ladies and their colleague Paul were in the market for a photographer to do a company photo shoot for them.  They wanted images for their new website and social media profiles to show them as their true selves.  Databasix is a company that can help make a business’s data work hard for them.  Kellie, Regina and Paul are keen to make this process fun, easy and far from a boring chore.  In short, they’re all a right laugh.  And they chose me to take their photos.

Before I knew it I was heading through the security gate at the sunny Harwell Campus in Oxford.  This is the home of science boffins, cool geeks, atoms, spacey things, and the Databasix office.  We played with our surroundings, messed around with ideas.  I loved every minute of it.  The Databasix team were a dream to work with.  If you need your data to work harder for you, get these guys on board.  You’ll laugh your way to a smooth running, streamlined business with useful data making you lots more pennies.

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Team Company Photo Shoot | © Kelly Jo Photography

Company Photo Shoot by Kelly Jo | © Kelly Jo Photography

Company Photo Shoot | © Kelly Jo Photography

Company Photo Shoot | © Kelly Jo Photography

Company Photo Shoot | © Kelly Jo Photography