Hello and welcome to Kelly Jo Photography.  I’m Kelly Jo Hearsey, here’s a bit about who I am, what I feel and how I do things.

How did all this start?  Without exaggeration I’ve been a photographer since I took my first photo – on a beach in Ibiza while I was still wearing a nappy (no, I wasn’t 24). When I was a little bit older my dad let me loose on his 1970’s Canon SLR and that was that. After office jobs and having kids, finally the artist in me won the battle for supremacy.  Kelly Jo Photography was born in 2007.

I don’t take myself too seriously – what about being a professional business woman?  Even though I love to muck about and generally have a giggle, I absolutely and utterly believe in professionalism at all times.  I am a fully qualified member of the Master Photographers Association and you can be assured that I’m fully covered with insurance including Public Liability.

How do I do what I do when I’m doing it? I believe in clarity, innovation, detail & emotion. I’ve got eagle eyes. I’m a dab hand with Photoshop.  Kids think I’m one of them.  I can give help with styling a shot and get stuck in with artistic direction when required.  I shoot from the heart to show the soul.

What sort of photography do I do?  I work in Commercial photography, producing people, product, food and premises images for businesses.  Portrait photography is a passion and I work with families, in fashion and in the work place.  I also love to make art, have a look at some of my work here on the website.

Where do I work?  My studio is based in North Buckinghamshire but my work takes me all over the country and indeed the world!

Fancy a natter?  I LOVE to chat, give me a call, pick up that phone!  Rather email? Click here and I’ll get straight back to you.