Beauty Salon | Commercial Photographer Buckinghamshire

Beauteous Beauty Salon, are you tempted to visit? Commercial Photographer Buckinghamshire Kelly is!

A photo shoot at Red Barn Retreat was planned.  Owner Lisa is really keen to show off the hard work she and her team have put in to making their salon stand out from the crowd.  I was thrilled to be invited to take over the salon early morning before clients stream in to be pampered and beautified.  There are no dark corners in Red Barn Retreat.  It is bright, sunny, sparkling and above all, relaxing.  There is an air of calm here, the staff and friendly, warm and welcoming.  The treatments on offer are cutting edge yet feed the soul.  I think we’ve managed to achieve what we set out to do, show this fabulous place off in all it’s glory.  What do you think?  Are you tempted to treat yourself to a lovely bit of much deserved me time?  I can assure you, you’ll be well looked after and very sleepy after your treatment – look at those comfy beds!  Snugglicious.

For more info on Red Barn Retreat have a look at their website and like them on Facebook for lots of news and special offers

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Reception area of a Beauty Salon | © Kelly Jo PhotographyThe peaceful reception area

Beauty Salon Commercial Photographer | © Kelly Jo PhotographyNail Bar, sumptuous Arbonne Cosmetics and comfy sofas. Bliss.

Commercial Image Beauty Salon Treatment Room | © Kelly Jo PhotographyOne of the warm, inviting treatment rooms

Commercial Photographer Buckinghamshire - Treament Room | © Kelly Jo PhotographyLuxury, comfort and relaxation in abundance

Shower Room, Commercial Photographer Buckinghamshire | @ Kelly Jo Photography

Commercial Photographer Buckinghamshire | © Kelly Jo Photography

Commercial Photographer - Beauty Salon |© Kelly Jo Photography

Nail Treatment at Red Barn Retreat | © Kelly Jo Photography

Beauty Salon Equipment | © Kelly Jo PhotographyCutting edge technology combines with great expertise to deliver amazing results for Red Barn Retreat’s clients

Business Portrait | © Kelly Jo PhotographySalon owner Lisa and her team are ready to welcome you along to Red Barn Retreat

Family Portrait Photography Bucks

Precious family time – Family Portrait Photography Bucks

Family Portrait Photography Bucks – My clients and how I work with them.

It was time to hook up with my lovely clients again.  I’ve worked with this gorgeous family before.  They’ve decided to have a yearly photo session with me to record the fact that their little boys are progressively becoming less little.  Last time we played and frolicked at Stowe Landscape Gardens.  This time we decided to go for a homely, comforting environment.  Their place, a completely different look.  The boys performed as I knew they would and had lots of creative input.  Most of that input involved either flying through the air or attempting gravity defying stunts.

Portrait Photography Bucks | © Kelly Jo

Family Portrait Photography Bucks | © Kelly Jo

Family Portrait Photography Bucks | © Kelly Jo 2015

Family Portrait Photography Bucks | © Kelly Jo Photography 2015

Family Portrait Photography Bucks | © Kelly Jo  Bucks |

Family Portrait Photography Bucks | © Kelly Jo 2015

Family Portrait Photography Bucks | © Kelly Jo Photography 2015

Mum and Dad waited patiently until the boys had used up a little energy and then suggested snuggle time for some more serene shots.  It’s so nice to observe the dynamic of a family.  These cuddly shots made me think of Sunday mornings luxuriating in having no reason to rush around.

Family Portrait Photography Bucks | © Kelly Jo

Family Portrait Photography Bucks | © Kelly Jo

Family Portrait Photography Bucks | © Kelly Jo 2015

Working with families brings me so much joy.  Capturing each person’s character and charm is what I strive to do.  We do this as a team.  I don’t boss around or work to a set agenda.  I go with the flow, allow my subjects to be themselves and show me the way.  Then Hey Presto – there they are, being themselves in front of the camera.  It’s a very rewarding way to do my thing.

Family time away from gadgets, homework, job pressures, cleaning, tidying, stressing and cooking is precious and often all to rare.  Why not set aside some pure time?  Time to spend talking, playing and being silly.  If you like, I’ll get that all down on ‘film’ for you.  Let me help you to remember your ever changing family and make heirlooms to treasure.

For more examples of my FAMILY Portrait Photography Bucks images please click here

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Portrait Photography Bucks | Kelly Jo 2015


French Bulldog Puppies

French Bulldog Puppies – portrait session with the cutest kids on the block

It was time to meet the latest addition to the Premier Bullz gang of French Bulldog Puppies.  I was pacing the studio waiting excitedly for my subjects to snuffle through the door.  Soon four little 8 week old faces were peering at me from their portapuppy dwelling.  As soon as they were released they attacked me with licks and bounces.  One little chap grabbed the camera strap and tried to make off with my Canon.  Another was very interested in licking my eyeball.  This is quite a change from the usual behaviour of my clients.  Mercifully it’s not often visitors to the studio stand on my hair and sink their teeth into my hand.

Kelly Jo Hearsey Photographer Buckinghamshire

Kelly Jo Hearsey Photographer

Sara from Premier Bullz is the temporary Mummy to these lovely French Bulldog Puppies and she clearly has such a bond with them.  They love her so much and she was able to entice them into the studio for some wonderful shots.  I asked Sara if it is difficult to see them go off to their new homes when they are collected by excited and proud new owners.  She admitted that she always had a little rush of sadness when she says goodbye.  However, Sara has an amazing relationship with many of her new ‘parents’ and they keep her up to date with puppy progress.  She is treated to photos and video of her litters when they have moved on to pastures new.  Sara loves to keep track of their development and see their little personalities emerge.

Talking of personalities, the little bunch that I encountered on the day of the shoot were all very individual indeed.  One little man was very laid back and chilled.  He allowed his brother and sisters to clamber all over him and acted as a bean bag while he slept.  A little lady was very cheeky and explored every nook and cranny of the studio without stopping for a moment.  Then there was the very tiny little lady, white with a grey face.  She was very delicate and dainty.   And finally a blue boy, beefy and beautiful with a very mischievous air about him.

Enjoy the photos and please let me know what you think.  Don’t forget, you too could have professional portraits of your precious pooch.  Have a look at some examples here on my lovely new website’s PET PORTRAITS page.

French Bulldog Puppies | © Kelly Jo

French Bulldog Puppies | © Kelly Jo Photography UK

French Bulldog Puppies | © Kelly Jo Photography

French Bulldog Puppies | © Kelly Jo Photography

French Bulldog Puppies | © Kelly Jo Photography

French Bulldog Puppies | © Kelly Jo

French Bulldog Puppies | © Kelly Jo Photography

French Bulldog Puppies | © Kelly Jo

White French Bulldog Puppies | © Kelly Jo

French Bulldog Puppies

French Bulldog Puppies UK | © Kelly Jo


The Methuen Shakespeare Globe Launch

The Methuen Shakespeare Globe Launch – our VIP event in London!

The day had finally come.  There had been much anticipation within the Methuen Shakespeare Team.  This was the night.  The night of The Methuen Shakespeare Globe Launch.  The night where Judy Methuen would have the chance to show the world her history making piece of art. We gathered at The Globe as the final group of Shakespeare Fans trotted off on their tour of the theatre.  We set to work, moving the art into place and creating a space for our VIP guests to browse and enjoy.   Pete, our ever patient contact from The Globe, took us all outside for a briefing.  He then said ‘Oh, and of course!  There’s your poster!’  We all spun on our heels to be faced with my image of the head of the bust.  Proudly displayed at the front entrance of the exhibition.  I think my face says it all..

Kelly Jo Hearsey | Photographer BuckinghamshireI’m slightly agog.

Kelly Jo Hearsey & Sarah MethuenKell & Sarah Methuen, Judy’s daughter and driving force, basking in glory

In a crazy rush we prepared welcome drinks, adjusted chairs, beautified and took a deep breath.  The VIPs started to arrive and we started to do our best mingling.  It was a real treat to watch Judy chatting with all her admiring guests.  She was animated and passionate about her art, telling stories and giving insights into her magical world.

Artist Judy Methuen | © Kelly Jo Photography

Judy Methuen Artist | © Kelly Jo Photography

Thomas Wheatley - Actor | © Kelly Jo Photography

KellyPhotosatGlobeVIPMy photos out on display in The Globe’s big exhibition room

The beautiful Sarah then introduced Judy, along with Roger Taylor, our cultural links chap.  Roger interviewed Judy and she spoke about the physical process of making the bronze.  She also discussed the background of the Cobbe Portrait and its role in the project.  Jude explained how for many months she would do her best work on the bust at 4am!  Judy then took questions from the audience.  Sarah unveiled the bust to a rapturous applause.  It was so wonderful to watch as the audience filed up on stage to feel Will.  He loved it!

Sarah Methuen & The Methuen Shakespeare Bust

Sarah Methuen | © Kelly Jo Photography

Judy Methuen Artist | The Methuen Shakespeare

Judy Methuen - Methuen Shakespeare Bust

Methuen Shakespeare Bust | © Kelly Jo Photography

Onwards and upwards from here. Sarah Methuen and I have hatched some cheeky plans and will be sure to be telling you more about those later.  If you’d like to know more about the Methuen Shakespeare Bust click HERE.  For more of my ART photography click HERE!  xx

I.O. Shen Master Grade Knives – The Maoui Deba

I.O. Shen Master Grade Knives – The Maoui Deba comes to the studio

It’s been a very exciting time for Natalie and the gang at I.O. Shen Master Grade Knives.  Chef Karim Maoui has teamed up with Natalie and the design team to create a brand new member of the I.O. Shen knife family – The Maoui Deba.  Natalie and Karim worked together on creating the piece.  Karim came up with the specific shape of the blade and the dimensions.  He consulted throughout the whole process and the end product is breathtaking.  The Maoui Deba has gone out to test with some of Natalie’s chef pals.  The comments coming back from those guys are extremely encouraging.  It seems clear that the Maoui Deba is going to be an integral part of the I.O. Shen set.

Natalie arrived at the studio bright and breezy on Friday morning.  She had an armful of gorgeous products and….Garfield.  Yes, Natalie is not your average client.  Her brief was to get sexy photos of the knives.  And some of Garfield.  It was not for me to question why.

Kelly Jo Hearsey in the Studio | Kelly Jo Photography

Kelly Jo Hearsey | Photographer BuckinghamshireHere I am creating the signature I.O. Shen look – black background and glossy knife reflection.  I love to use cutting edge (sorry) technology for my shoots.  In this case a pint glass and some blue tack.

Kelly Jo Hearsey | Photographer BuckinghamshireUnder pressure being totally judged by the G Man

I.O. Shen Master Grade Knives | © Kelly JoAnd here’s the result.  Beautiful, stunning and flippin’ sharp.  The Maoui Deba.

We created some other shots including a fabulous I.O. Shen leather knife wrap with shoulder strap.  And some more knives, yummy!

Kelly Jo Photography Buckinghamshire | Studio Shoot

I do love working with I.O. Shen Master Grade Knives.  Natalie is an amazing business woman and connector.  She has creative ideas and a strong brand identity.  Yet she allows myself and Julie from Jamtastic Design to go all arty and let our juices flow!  We’re very happy to have such a great little team and I can’t wait for the next sexy knife art fest.

To see more of my COMMERCIAL IMAGES please feel free to click HERE.  Do let me know what you think! x



The Methuen Shakespeare Exhibition at The Globe Theatre

The Methuen Shakespeare – A Shakespeare Exhibition at The Globe Theatre in London

You might have seen me jumping up and down about having a Shakespeare Exhibition at The Globe Theatre in London.  It’s true, my work is being exhibited there for the whole summer!  “What’s that all about?” I hear you cry.  Here’s the story.

Since the beginning of 2014 I’ve been working with a team of extraordinary people.  The project is unique and exciting.  An artefact of great historical significance is at its centre and the creator is one Judy Methuen.

Judy is an artist of the highest standing, based just outside Stratford-Upon-Avon.  Her daughter Sarah Methuen is the driving force behind the project.  She asked me to get involved on the photography side.

Shakespeare Exhibition at The Globe

So what is The Methuen Shakespeare?

The Cobbe Portrait (belonging to the Cobbe family) was discovered in 2006 and is argued to be the only portrait Shakespeare actually sat for.  This makes it the closest evidence we have as to the true face of William Shakespeare.  Skip forward a few years and Judy Methuen noticed in her ancient family tree a Methuen married a Cobbe.  This possible connection between descendants sparked Judy’s imagination.  She has always been fascinated by Shakespeare and more recently the Cobbe portrait.  As a highly skilled sculptor she felt it only right to create a bust of William, with proportions and detail taken directly from the Cobbe Portrait.

“If the Cobbe Portrait is the closest thing we have to a photograph of Shakespeare then the Methuen Shakespeare is our first chance to meet him.”

I followed Judy’s progress as she created the bust.  I came into the project to photograph the clay sculpts and followed them on their journey to Red Temple Foundry in Birmingham.  Jim at Red Temple carefully and lovingly created the bronze over a number of weeks.  I was lucky enough to photograph every stage of the process.

Once the first bust was ‘born’ Judy proudly presented it to the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust in Stratford-Upon-Avon where it can be seen on exhibition there permanently.

I was honoured to accompany Sarah Methuen and the second bronze to The King Edward School in Stratford-Upon-Avon.  There we ensconced ourselves in William Shakespeare’s classroom to create some fabulous images of the bust.  The common room was a superb location too, the huge table bearing the scars of many a school boy’s graffiti exploits.

Methuen Shakespeare Globe Exhibition | © Kelly Jo

The Methuen Shakespeare is now creating a storm in the Shakespearean world and interest has really gathered momentum.  Before we knew it The Globe Theatre on the banks of the River Thames in London had given us a whole summer’s exhibition space.  We installed the exhibition this month.  Another bronze bust takes centre stage accompanied by my images.  We also have an entire display cabinet filled with artefacts that give you an insight into Judy Methuen’s world.  Here in this cabinet sits a fabulous painted bust observed by hundreds of Shakespeare enthusiasts passing daily through the theatre’s exhibition space.

We’re having a wonderful VIP invitation only launch at The Globe this weekend.  Judy will be forced to bask in the limelight of her glory while we clasp our hands under our chins with huge pride.

If you get a chance to visit The Shakespeare Exhibition at The Globe Theatre in London this summer have a look at our wonderful display and let me know what you think!

To find out more about the Judy and the Methuen Shakespeare please visit the website

To see more of my own artwork you can visit my ART page.

Shakespeare Exhibition at The GlobeJudy carefully adds the final touches to the clays

Shakespeare Exhibition at The GlobeJudy’s Magical Workshop

Shakespeare Exhibition at The GlobeThe wax head ready for the mold.  And a banana.  At Red Temple Foundry, Birmingham.

Shakespeare Exhibition at The Globe

Shakespeare Exhibition at The Globe

Shakespeare Exhibition at The Globe

Shakespeare Exhibition at The GlobeBack in the common room.  The bust sits on the graffiti covered table at The King Edward School, Stratford-Upon-Avon.

Shakespeare Exhibition at The Globe

Shakespeare Exhibition at The GlobeSarah Methuen carefully arranges the bust in its new home for the summer, The Globe Theatre

Shakespeare Exhibition at The GlobeMy photos on display in the ACTUAL GLOBE! Goodness me.

Shakespeare Exhibition at The GlobeOur display cabinet at the exhibition.  Lots of my photos, Judy Methuen’s artefacts and precious things. At the centre is Judy’s fantastic Methuen Shakespeare painted bust.

Shakespeare Exhibition at The Globe

Shakespeare Exhibition at The GlobeThe queue to get into the Globe exhibition on the open day stretches right down to the Tate.

Shakespeare Exhibition at The Globe

Shakespeare Exhibition at The GlobeIn the Royal Box. Where else?

Kelly Jo Hearsey - Photographer BuckinghamshireWill and I enjoying the show.  We do seem to be watching two different performances.

Hair & Makeup Photography London

Hair & Makeup Photography London with Kick Hair UK and Makeup by Hannah White

Hair & Makeup Photography London.  Love those words all in a row! I’ve been working with Dom from Kick Hair UK for a number of years now.  We work well together.  Dom has been in the hair industry all of his working life.  His salon is Kick Hair based in Twickenham.  It’s an intimate, trendy place with a fiercely loyal client base.  Every few months Dom will decide to get a new look for the images on the walls of the salon.  He decides on the theme, finds a model and we gather a team.  This time we got together with Makeup by Hannah White and our model was the lovely Solly.

I set up the studio in the salon while Dom & Hannah created the look.  They worked well together and Hannah followed Dom’s brief to the letter.

Hair & Makeup Photography London | © Kelly Jo

Hair & Makeup Photography London | © Kelly Jo

Together they developed ideas until they were happy and Solly was suitably beautified.  Then it was my turn.  Solly was great, she has as natural beauty.  She’s not a professional model and has very little experience in front of the camera.  But she was amazing and took direction well.

Hair & Makeup Photography London | © Kelly Jo

Hair & Makeup Photography London

Hair & Makeup Photography London | © Kelly Jo

Once we were happy with our studio shots we took the kit off to our next location, a local church on Twickenham Green.  We wanted a different feel to the images.  Dom felt that the shadowy textures of the church gave an atmosphere and I had to agree with him.

Hair & Makeup Photography London

Hair & Makeup Photography London | © Kelly Jo

Hair & Makeup Photography London

KICK Hair & Makeup Photography London | © Kelly Jo

After getting some fab shots of Solly in the church we made our way back to the salon for a change of look.  Hannah took charge and added a few small drops of colour to transform Solly’s make up.  A lovely summery look!  We then set up in our final location of the day, a little alleyway just round the corner.

Hair & Makeup Photography London

Hair & Makeup Photography London | © Kelly Jo

Hair & Makeup Photography London | © Kelly Jo

Hair & Makeup Photography London

Hair & Makeup Photography London | © Kelly Jo

Hair & Makeup Photography London

Dom is going to be using the images both in the salon and on his website.  Commercial, professional & beautiful images that represent what you do are key to making your business stand out.  For more examples of my photography for businesses have a look at my COMMERCIAL page.

If you’d like to find out more about the team click on the links below:

Kick Hair – Domenic Hand (Twickenham)

Makeup by Hannah White (Wanstead)

Kelly Jo Photography (Buckinghamshire)

Welcome to my new Website! Kelly Jo Photography Relaunches

Hello and welcome!  My new Photography Website is here at last…

It was time for a change.  My old photography website was really lovely and five and a half years ago it really did the trick.  Since then I have moved on with my career.  It has taken twists and turns and seen many changes. So what have I been up to?

I now do lots of work in the Commercial Photography sector.  This means that I’m creating beautiful images for a company’s website or getting involved in ad campaigns.  It’s all been very exciting.  I visit companies and take head shots of their staff.  I also do lots of Food Photography which makes my creative side go crazy – as well as my taste buds.

My work with families has progessed too.  I now almost solely work on location with my clients.  We will go on an adventure and end up with some unique images that show each personality.  It’s a lot of fun and I’ve so enjoyed making so many new friends through what I call ‘work’!

Baby photography is a really important part of what I do and you can see from my portfolio that I’ve met some lovely little characters.  Babies visiting my studio find themselves in a warm, safe and comfy environment.  New families can feel safe and secure.  It’s a wonderful thing to be involved in and capturing those first weeks or months of a little life is a such an honour.

As you can see from the images on my new website, I am really into Pet Photography.  I have been photographing precious little members of the family that generally have fur and a waggy tail.  The expressions and personality of the animals really comes through in the images, take a look here!

That’s where I am.  I am thrilled launch my new site and very proud to display my work.  The build comes courtesy of the ever-amazing and the gorgeous design is by

Please get in touch and let me know what you think of my new site, your comments are so important.  Hope you’ll have a good look round! xx

Kelly Jo Photography



Chef Portrait Photography – Busy Kitchen

Chef Portrait Photography – The story of a busy service in a hot kitchen

I had to pinch myself to remember that this was a working day.  I was about to set foot into a different world.  A world that I have admired from afar.  For those of you who have learned your jus from your gravy and your tuile from your biscuit will know what I’m talking about.  Having been spellbound by all things chef, this was to prove one of the most exciting shoots of my career so far.  The client?  I.O. Shen Master Grade Knives.  Natalie, the big boss, is already immersed in the world of the chef and wanted some Chef Portrait Photography to appeal to the people who actually use her knives in their kitchens.

Armed with a enormous collection of Natalie’s quite stunning knives we set off to join Head Chef Wayne Sullivan and his team in Cirencester.  When we arrived prep was already in full flow.  I found myself skipping between the different prep areas recording the chefs’ knife skills.  Josh grabbed his new knife eagerly from Natalie and within less than a minute had almost amputated his index finger.  ‘They’re sharp then’, he mumbled in awe.

Lunch service soon began and things really started to heat up in the kitchen.  Chef Wayne was a sight to behold, in command of his team and creating works of art on the plates.  A splash of shouting and drizzle of swearing was all that was needed to create a smooth running service with very happy customers.

I love working with I.O.Shen.  Natalie has fabulous ideas and together we create lovely images.  I’m so pleased with the end results.  So is Natalie.  She has all of the images plastered across her office in canvas.  She stares dreamily at them while thinking up her next knife design.

Click here more info about I.O.Shen Master Grade Knives

 Chef Portrait Photography | © Kelly Jo Photography

This first image of Chef Wayne stood in the middle of his busy kitchen was the biggie.  It took an hour to shoot and features over 25 images blended together.  Can you spot some strategically placed I.O. Shen Knives?

I O Shen Master Grade Chefs Knives

Chef Portrait Cooking

Head Chef with his team

Chef Plating Up

Head Chef Portrait

Head Chef Preparing Food

Chef Portrait at the Pass

Head Chef Portrait Photography




Pet Portrait Photography – English Bulldog Puppies!

Wrinkly Wonders – English Bulldogs take over the studio – Pet Portrait Photography

This is Pet Portrait Photography at its cutest. Picture the scene.  There I am, peering through my camera lens, cross legged and stooping low to the ground.  My subject is a gorgeous little 7 week old puppy called Rosa.  She sits in a demure fashion, fluttering her eyelashes, patiently waiting for me to get the shot.  In contrast, on my lap is her brother Leo.  He is biting my hair, pulling at my camera strap and nibbling at the seams of my jeans.  Just as I’m about to press the shutter he attacks my chin and I get an amazing shot of the floor.  It’s no good.  I have to put the camera down and ask Puppy Rosa to be patient while I attack her brother back, smothering him in lots of kisses and squishing up his gorgeous wrinkly chops.  Pet Portrait Photography requires lots of patience and plenty of love – I’m glad to say I have endless supplies!

To find out more about Pet Portrait Photography please get in touch with me by clicking here

STOP PRESS!  Rosa (pictured here without the brown dots on top of her head) is looking for a family to love her.  She also has a sister who needs a loving home too.  Interested?  Get in touch with Premier Bullz for more info.

Pet Portrait Photography English Bulldog Puppies | © Kelly Jo Photography

Two English Bulldogs Puppies Playing | © Kelly Jo Photography

English Bulldog Puppy Portrait |© Kelly Jo Photography

English Bulldog Puppy in a Basket | © Kelly Jo Photography

Two English Bulldog Puppies Playing | © Kelly Jo Photography

English Bulldog Puppy Portrait | © Kelly Jo Photography

English Bulldog Puppy Portrait

English Bulldog Puppies Portrait Session |© Kelly Jo Photography