Boogienotes – Band Photography

Band Photography by Kelly Jo

I was recently introduced to a lady with a plan. The lady is the gorgeous Angela Nottage, the business brains behind Boogienotes – a group of professional musicians. Little did I know I was about to embark on a photographic adventure where I had free reign to create. Little did I know that I was about to meet a remarkable bunch of characters that have left me whirling in a swirl of awe.

Let me tell you about Boogienotes. The leader of the band is Miles Nottage, Angela’s husband. Miles is a pianist, composer, singer and the ‘Head of Rock, Pop and Jazz’ at Stowe School. The first time I heard Miles play was in April at a charity concert and I was photographing. I had to shake myself and remember to press the shutter button – his performance was spellbinding. Add to that the rest of the immensely skilled band and the result is spine-tingly.

Boogienotes are a flexible bunch. They perform in various line-ups. They may be a chilled Jazz Trio for one gig, then belt out chart stuff and modern classics as a Rock & Pop Band for another. Switch people around and you have larger Jazz Ensembles or a ‘Little’ Big Band. They can suit any type of event or gig, they are professionals, they are fun and by Jove, they are talented.

The band have got a huge gig coming up on 27th May at Stowe School – they’re supporting  lovely local superstar Tony Hadley. There are a few tickets left if you fancy it, find all the info here. It’s going to be a night to remember and my money is on Boogienotes stealing the show.

Let me introduce you to the band:

 Band Photography | © Kelly Jo PhotographyMiles. Leader. Writes, sings, plays. When he crafts a tune on a Steinway it makes you feel all weird.

Band Photography | © Kelly Jo PhotographyRob. Bass. This man is cool. He has the moves. He has the swag.

Band Photography | © Kelly Jo PhotographyMatt. Drums. Unwavering, unshakeable. Concentratey. Slick. Knows how to put a pair of brushes to good use.

Band Photography | © Kelly Jo PhotographyPaul. Guitarist. What this guy can’t do with six strings isn’t worth listening to. Unassumingly awesome.

Band Photography | © Kelly Jo PhotographyKate. Sax. Smooth, elegant. Adds an air of sophistication to proceedings.

Band Photography | © Kelly Jo PhotographyMolly. Vocals. Voice like molten Lindor chocolate. This young lady is quite simply magical.

Band Photography | © Kelly Jo PhotographyJim. Vocals. Likes to belt out a tune. And boy can he belt ‘em out. Rock. Pop. He’s your man.

Band Photography | © Kelly Jo PhotographyChrissy. Vocals. Rich, strong voice that can blast you off your feet. Epic and adorable all at once.

Band Photography | © Kelly Jo PhotographySheridan. Vocals. Performance on the grandest of scales. This man renders human beings helpless with one cheeky wink of his eye.

* * *

LISTEN TO BOOGIENOTES! Here’s a link to their recent live performance of Seven Nation Army, with photos by yours truly:

The band has other fantastic guest musicians that often join them and Boogienotes continues to evolve. They are available for hire for a huge array of events and can supply a line up to suit your needs exactly. To find out more head on over to their website

I feel truly honoured to know these guys and I’m so excited to be able to show them off in all their glory. Get some Boogienotes in your life too!

Band Photography by Kelly Jo