Beauty Salon | Commercial Photographer Buckinghamshire

Beauteous Beauty Salon, are you tempted to visit? Commercial Photographer Buckinghamshire Kelly is!

A photo shoot at Red Barn Retreat was planned.  Owner Lisa is really keen to show off the hard work she and her team have put in to making their salon stand out from the crowd.  I was thrilled to be invited to take over the salon early morning before clients stream in to be pampered and beautified.  There are no dark corners in Red Barn Retreat.  It is bright, sunny, sparkling and above all, relaxing.  There is an air of calm here, the staff and friendly, warm and welcoming.  The treatments on offer are cutting edge yet feed the soul.  I think we’ve managed to achieve what we set out to do, show this fabulous place off in all it’s glory.  What do you think?  Are you tempted to treat yourself to a lovely bit of much deserved me time?  I can assure you, you’ll be well looked after and very sleepy after your treatment – look at those comfy beds!  Snugglicious.

For more info on Red Barn Retreat have a look at their website and like them on Facebook for lots of news and special offers

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Reception area of a Beauty Salon | © Kelly Jo PhotographyThe peaceful reception area

Beauty Salon Commercial Photographer | © Kelly Jo PhotographyNail Bar, sumptuous Arbonne Cosmetics and comfy sofas. Bliss.

Commercial Image Beauty Salon Treatment Room | © Kelly Jo PhotographyOne of the warm, inviting treatment rooms

Commercial Photographer Buckinghamshire - Treament Room | © Kelly Jo PhotographyLuxury, comfort and relaxation in abundance

Shower Room, Commercial Photographer Buckinghamshire | @ Kelly Jo Photography

Commercial Photographer Buckinghamshire | © Kelly Jo Photography

Commercial Photographer - Beauty Salon |© Kelly Jo Photography

Nail Treatment at Red Barn Retreat | © Kelly Jo Photography

Beauty Salon Equipment | © Kelly Jo PhotographyCutting edge technology combines with great expertise to deliver amazing results for Red Barn Retreat’s clients

Business Portrait | © Kelly Jo PhotographySalon owner Lisa and her team are ready to welcome you along to Red Barn Retreat

Pet Portrait Photography – English Bulldog Puppies!

Wrinkly Wonders – English Bulldogs take over the studio – Pet Portrait Photography

This is Pet Portrait Photography at its cutest. Picture the scene.  There I am, peering through my camera lens, cross legged and stooping low to the ground.  My subject is a gorgeous little 7 week old puppy called Rosa.  She sits in a demure fashion, fluttering her eyelashes, patiently waiting for me to get the shot.  In contrast, on my lap is her brother Leo.  He is biting my hair, pulling at my camera strap and nibbling at the seams of my jeans.  Just as I’m about to press the shutter he attacks my chin and I get an amazing shot of the floor.  It’s no good.  I have to put the camera down and ask Puppy Rosa to be patient while I attack her brother back, smothering him in lots of kisses and squishing up his gorgeous wrinkly chops.  Pet Portrait Photography requires lots of patience and plenty of love – I’m glad to say I have endless supplies!

To find out more about Pet Portrait Photography please get in touch with me by clicking here

STOP PRESS!  Rosa (pictured here without the brown dots on top of her head) is looking for a family to love her.  She also has a sister who needs a loving home too.  Interested?  Get in touch with Premier Bullz for more info.

Pet Portrait Photography English Bulldog Puppies | © Kelly Jo Photography

Two English Bulldogs Puppies Playing | © Kelly Jo Photography

English Bulldog Puppy Portrait |© Kelly Jo Photography

English Bulldog Puppy in a Basket | © Kelly Jo Photography

Two English Bulldog Puppies Playing | © Kelly Jo Photography

English Bulldog Puppy Portrait | © Kelly Jo Photography

English Bulldog Puppy Portrait

English Bulldog Puppies Portrait Session |© Kelly Jo Photography

Pet Portrait Photographer Meets…French Bulldogs

Pet Portrait Photographer meets French Bulldogs – My new friends!

As a Pet Portrait Photographer I get very excited to meet new creatures.  I’ve been having fun with my new pals at Premier Bullz!  I was welcomed by Fudge, Lucky, Rosie and the gang. Lots of excitable bouncing, wagging and tongue flapping!  Each little scrummy creature had their own personality and attitude.  It was fascinating to observe their little world.

And so heralds the start of a lovely new chapter.  I’m going to be working lots with Sara of Premier Bullz.  We’ll be creating some portraits and delicious artwork of her gorgeous gaggle of French and English Bulldogs.  Being a Pet Portrait Photographer has got to be up there with the best jobs in the world!

The Frenchies were adorable.  The snuffled around me.  They snorted and oinked their way hither and thither.  It was really hard to concentrate on photographing them, they’re so cute and crazy!  No wonder they get the nickname Batpig!  I completely fell in love with these characters and relish the thought of seeing more of them.

I’m extremely excited to launch my all new 2015 Pet Portrait Photography package – your chance to own some simply stunning, timeless images of your little friend to treasure.

Do you have a beloved best friend whose portrait would take pride of place on your wall?  Why not get in touch for all the info.  Gift vouchers are also available.  Click here to contact me!

French Bulldog | © Kelly Jo Photography

French Bulldog Portrait | © Kelly Jo Photography Buckinghamshire

French Bulldog Pet Portrait | © Kelly Jo Photography Buckinghamshire

French Bulldog | © Kelly Jo Photography

French Bulldog | © Kelly Jo Photography

French Bulldog Pet Portrait | © Kelly Jo Photography Buckinghamshire

Dog Bulldog Portrait | @ Kelly Jo Photography

French Bulldog | © Kelly Jo Photography

French Bulldog | © Kelly Jo PhotographyAll images © Kelly Jo Photography – Pet Portrait Photographer

Cake Smash Photo Session | First Birthday Portraits Buckinghamshire

Cake Smash Photo Session – Charlotte gets stuck in!  Happy First Birthday Little Lady…

Cake Smash Photo Session – how gorgeous was this?  I had photographed Richard & Liz’s wedding.  Then their ‘bump’.  Followed swiftly after by newborn Charlotte. We felt it only correct to get together for her first birthday.  To celebrate we had a Cake Smash photo session here in the studio.  Mummy Liz joined in the fun and Charlotte devoured the scrummy cake.  She was quite taken aback that she was allowed to squish it!  A big thanks to Rosedene Bakery of Aylesbury for the devine two-tier Victoria Sponge with fresh fruit, both Liz and Charlotte thought it was utterly delicious.  Charlotte began very daintily and picked at the fruit with great care.  Soon enough she realised that she was allowed to really get stuck in.  Within a few minutes she was away!  Charlotte has a wonderful sense of humour, what a great little personality she it.  She giggled and squished.  As you can see from the photos this was a really lovely time enjoyed by all.  I do love Cake Smash Photo Sessions.  It’s a great way to celebrate a first birthday and you get to take the remainder of the cake home!  Don’t worry, they will never be able to eat it ALL!

If you’d like to find out more about my Cake Smash Photo Sessions please get in touch by clicking here or calling me on 01296 730389.

For more about the wonderful Rosedene Bakery (including their amazing Afternoon Teas delivered to your door!) click here.

First Birthday Photo Session

First Birthday Photo Session

First Birthday Photo Session

First Birthday Photo Session

First Birthday Photo Session

First Birthday Photo Session

First Birthday Photo Session

First Birthday Photo Session

First Birthday Photo Session

First Birthday Photo Session

First Birthday Photo Session

First Birthday Photo Session


Food Photography Buckinghamshire by Kelly Jo – Rosedene Bakery Aylesbury

Anna is cooking up something scrummy to get VERY excited about at Rosedene Bakery – Food Photography Buckinghamshire

This is where Food Photography Buckinghamshire gets down right devourable.  Local business lady Anna Atkins-Carter visited my studio.  She was laden with samples of the most delicious, delectable, devourable delicacies you could ever wish to lay eyes on.  It took every fibre of my will power not to knock her to one side and dive head first into the Victoria Sponge.  Anna has created a gorgeous new concept….homemade cakes and bakes just like your granny made.  These are  delivered to your door, ready to be demolished by you and your loved ones.  Not only does Anna supply her eager customers with cakes and teatime treats, she also has a wonderful new product.  Afternoon Tea delivered to your door! Scones, Bakewells and other fine fair for a ready-to-go treat.  You can even hire vintage china tea sets from her to really impress your guests.  Anna is going to be offering Baking Lessons too. These are workshops that get you back to basics and build your confidence in the kitchen.  Anna’s own granny inspired a love of baking in her and she is dedicated to passing that same inspiration on to others.

From a food photography point of view this was a great job for me.  Anna left me to style the images which is something I love to do.  I used props from around the house along with the pieces Anna brought with her.  I love to set a scene.  Adding interesting props makes the images have depth and interest.  I want to be able to show my client’s products in the most attractive light possible.  I believe the answer to this is attention to detail.

To find out more about Rosedene Bakery, Anna and her glorious world of all things yummy, visit her website:


Afternoon Tea Photography Aylesbury

Bakewell Tart

Commercial Food Photography Buckinghamshire

Rosedene Bakery Commercial Photography

Food Photography Aylesbury

Commercial Photography Aylesbury

Commercial Photography Aylesbury

Commercial Photography Aylesbury



On location – Family Portraits Buckinghamshire

Family Portraits Buckinghamshire in the great outdoors

I knew we were going to have fun photographing Family Portraits Buckinghamshire.  Great setting, gorgeous family.   I’ve known Billy & Katie for years and have kept track of their growing family. It was a real honour to be asked to make some little heirlooms for them.  The kids climbed trees, ran up and down hills and generally just did their thing.  Will, Indi and Bo are such scrumptious children.  Photographing them in the beautiful Hughenden Park gave them a sense of freedom, giving me a chance to capture that feeling.

It was a beautiful day and we couldn’t have asked for better weather.  The surroundings at Hughenden Park are like a dream come true for a photographer.  At every turn there is another opportunity to create a gorgeous image.  From the tree lined avenue to hilly expanses.  It’s hard to beat for its variety of opportunities.

One of my favourite moments was when the children all sat on a ‘log’ bench. I hid behind it with my camera and popped up to surprise them.  We got some great expressions and I was delighted with the composition of the shot.  I loved that the family had brought their sweet doggy with them and she made the photographs complete.  It’s great to bundle together on the grass or just let the kids go crazy and run around.  There are no rules when it comes to Family Portraits.  I let the family dictate what happens and give a little bit of gentle direction if it’s needed.

If you would like to know more about making your own family heirlooms please get in touch by clicking here.

Group Portrait

Family Portrait Buckinghamshire

Little Girl Portrait

Children Portrait

Portrait of Boy

Children and Dog's in family portraits Buckinghamshire

Portrait of Golden Retriever

Father and Son Portrait

Portrait of Three Children

Family Portrait Outdoors

Commercial Photographer Buckinghamshire – Premises, Staff and Product Images

Beautiful products, stunning surroundings, lovely business lady…perfect working conditions!

What a lovely thing to be able to say.  I’m a Commercial Photographer Buckinghamshire.  Never have I photographed a location that smelled so good.  The Littlecote Soap Co. is a gorgeous local business headed up by the captivating, vivacious and wonderfully creative Elaine Stavert.  Elaine has found success by mixing potions, playing with aromas and combining natural ingredients to create a divine collection of soaps and toiletries.  All of the organic products are made and sold at their little farm shop in Dunton, Buckinghamshire.  Customers delight in browsing for gifts and treats, the very experience of walking into the shop full of beautiful aromas is worth the visit alone.  There is a large selection of different ranges, each with it’s own signature scent.  The most popular range is Gin & Tonic and my particular fave is White Wine and Fig – scrumptious!  The products are also available to purchase via their website  If you can get to the shop, go!  It’s just delicious and full of great gift ideas….don’t forget to treat yourself too.

Commercial photography with Kelly is a great way to show off your wonderful business, get in touch if you’d like to know more by clicking here

Littlecote Shop Front

Shop Interior

Product Group Shot

Product Shot

Dried Flowers

Soap making workshop

Head shot of business woman

A Family Portrait Like No Other

Family Portrait Photography on Location with Kelly Jo

I had worked with this wonderful family several years ago and when Julia came to me for a meeting to discuss ideas for a very different family portrait I was very excited.  Julia was insistent that she wanted a unique portrait that gave you loads to look at while capturing the essence of who they are as a family.  I had the idea of cramming as many of the family’s belongings as possible into a space that was relevant to them.  We ended up in a stable filled with a porridge bowl, books, wellies, sports kits, cooking stuff, magazines, clothes, equipment and lovely little clues as to who each one of them are.

The shot took 3 hours to dress and comprises of lots of different images blended together to ensure the lighting was correct.  This has to be one of the most satisfying shots I’ve taken, such a lot of detail work, just what I love!  What do you think?

Would you love to have your own unique, special family portrait?  For more info please get in touch here

Family Portrait in Stable

Baby Portraits Buckinghamshire | Newborns

Baby Portraits Buckinghamshire – Charlotte is here!

Baby Portraits Buckinghamshire – Client: Richard, Liz and Charlotte

A mere four weeks after excitedly celebrating ‘the bump‘ in photos, Richard and Liz walked back through my door adorned with cheeky, tired grins.  In Liz’s arms lay the bundle of beauteousness long awaited – Baby Charlotte Poppy!  Three and a half hours of motorway mayhem had taken it’s toll and the little lady was very unimpressed with the whole situation.  A much needed feed and new nappy later and we were off again, recording the next chapter in this adorable family’s life.

When I looked through the lens I absorbed the image of Richard and Liz gazing at their new treasure with so much love.  I wish I could bottle that sense of pride.  And I could understand it…that little lady is totally edible.

From meeting a potential bride and groom all the way to being honoured with the title ‘Aunty Kell‘, this is a spectacular story I’m so proud to have told.

You can see the beginning of the story with Richard & Liz’s Wedding Day here

For another look at the Bump Photos with Charlotte still yet to make an appearance click here

Baby Photography Buckinghamshire

Baby balanced on arm

Family & Baby Portait

Close Up Baby Image

Close up of Baby's Hand

Baby Girl Portait


Baby Photography



Weddings, Babies and Lots of Love

One couple’s fairytale

12th June 2010…I strolled through the sun dappled gardens of The Tythe Barn at Launton.  Close by were Drew and Victoria, that very hour newly wed.  They giggled, gazed and smooched as I photographed, it was a truly memorable day, full of love and excitement.  Fast forward to a chilly February morning in 2013, there’s a knock at my door and in from the cold appear Victoria, Drew and…..Sam!  Two have become three and I had the absolute honour of photographing my beautiful bride and groom once more, this time with their perfect dumpling of loveliness Sam.

Sam found my strange noises and deranged expressions at first bemusing, followed by interesting and finally entertaining.  Smiles were plentiful and I got that whole ‘grit your teeth ‘cos you want to scrumble them up’ feeling with Sam, he’s a joyful little man.  It means the world to be able to document this wonderful couple’s adventures, long may it last.

If you’d like to know more about Kelly’s baby and family photography, get in touch with her by clicking here

Wedding Couple

Daddy, Mummy and Baby

Mummy & Daddy Kisses for Baby

Baby Portrait

Baby wrapped in faux fur

Baby Portraiture

Smiley Baby