9 Years of photos with Kick Hair

Kick Hair & KJP. A selection of our creations

I’ve known Dom of Kick Hair Ltd in Twickenham for about 20 years. We go WAY back. He started his own salon and I started my own photography business. It seemed daft not to team up for some creative shenanigans. Back in 2009 we planned to do a shoot with a model at the salon. This would be one of my first forays into hair & fashion photography. I’d been running the business for a couple of years and was ready to start doing some different stuff. Dom was hankering after making some images of his own work. He wanted to hang some photos up in huge format in his cool new salon.

To find a model wasn’t easy. As we didn’t have a budget it was up to Dom to find someone local who would be happy to do the shoot for poos and giggles. It is surprising that Dom wasn’t arrested. He loitered in the local Greggs. He walked slowly up and down Twickenham High Street staring at good looking ladies. OK, this isn’t true. It was Burger King. Dom loitered and stared until he finally found our model. He carried out some test styles. He created a strange silvery tube prop and was ready.

Photographing with Dom

Working on a shoot with Dom is, well, unique. He’s a perfectionist, just like me. And my god, he can faff. I think he should have letters after his name. Domenic Hand F.A.F.F. It has to be exact, that’s only right. On our very first shoot in 2009 I would take a photo, just line up for another and suddenly I’d see shhhzzzzzzoooooom, Dom whizzing past my viewfinder and oh, back of his head shot. I would give the model a suggestion for a pose. Dom would suggest she did something different simultaneously. I would spend ages messing about with lighting, taking hundreds of shots. It was all a bit messy. But we got there. Over the years we learned how to work together. When we do a shoot now we’re like a well oiled machine.

The team has grown too, we now have the gorgeous and talented Hannah White as our makeup artist. Hannah adds a whole new facet to our creative collaboration and I have to say, the three of us are a sleek operation.

Here are Nine Years of Kick Hair. A lovely journey we’re proud to still be on….

Kick Hair | © Kelly Jo Photography2009

Kick Hair | © Kelly Jo Photography2009 (shoot later that year)

Kick Hair | © Kelly Jo Photography2010

Kick Hair © Kelly Jo Photography2011

Kick Hair | © Kelly Jo Photography2012

Kick Hair | © Kelly Jo Photography2012 (2nd Shoot)

Kick Hair | © Kelly Jo Photography2013

Kick Hair | © Kelly Jo Photography2014

Kick Hair | © Kelly Jo Photography2015

Kick Hair | © Kelly Jo Photography2016

Kick Hair | © Kelly Jo Photography2017

Kick Hair Location Photography

Hair & Fashion Photography on Location in Buckinghamshire

Photography for Kick Hair, Twickenham

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There was a great deal of anticipation for this one.  I love working with a team, it’s so exhilarating when you’re used to working on your own.  The location was what got me going, somewhere secret in deepest Buckinghamshire that I’d discovered and had permission to access – more on this later.  After a long day we were all so excited by what we’d achieved, even Dom was really happy with the hair (‘perfectionist’ doesn’t come close).  It was a delight to work with these guys again and we’re already planning the next one.

Hair: Domenic Hand
Make up: Daisy Whitney
Styling: Zoe Hand
Model: Stephanie