Company Photo Shoot

Databasix team up for a company photo shoot

I met Kellie and Regina, the female contingent of Databasix UK Ltd at an Afternoon Tea.  Yes, we were stuffing our faces full of cake and yes, we were networking.  Ladies like us never stop.  Networking that is, not eating cake.  We were attending a business networking event for ladies who belong to The Athena Network. There were lots of business connections being made all around the room and many Rosedene Bakery scones being munched.  Multi-tasking skills at their most useful.

Kellie and Regina and I got talking, got laughing and realised we had lots of things in common.  In addition, the ladies and their colleague Paul were in the market for a photographer to do a company photo shoot for them.  They wanted images for their new website and social media profiles to show them as their true selves.  Databasix is a company that can help make a business’s data work hard for them.  Kellie, Regina and Paul are keen to make this process fun, easy and far from a boring chore.  In short, they’re all a right laugh.  And they chose me to take their photos.

Before I knew it I was heading through the security gate at the sunny Harwell Campus in Oxford.  This is the home of science boffins, cool geeks, atoms, spacey things, and the Databasix office.  We played with our surroundings, messed around with ideas.  I loved every minute of it.  The Databasix team were a dream to work with.  If you need your data to work harder for you, get these guys on board.  You’ll laugh your way to a smooth running, streamlined business with useful data making you lots more pennies.

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Team Company Photo Shoot | © Kelly Jo Photography

Company Photo Shoot by Kelly Jo | © Kelly Jo Photography

Company Photo Shoot | © Kelly Jo Photography

Company Photo Shoot | © Kelly Jo Photography

Company Photo Shoot | © Kelly Jo Photography






Chef Portrait Photography – Busy Kitchen

Chef Portrait Photography – The story of a busy service in a hot kitchen

I had to pinch myself to remember that this was a working day.  I was about to set foot into a different world.  A world that I have admired from afar.  For those of you who have learned your jus from your gravy and your tuile from your biscuit will know what I’m talking about.  Having been spellbound by all things chef, this was to prove one of the most exciting shoots of my career so far.  The client?  I.O. Shen Master Grade Knives.  Natalie, the big boss, is already immersed in the world of the chef and wanted some Chef Portrait Photography to appeal to the people who actually use her knives in their kitchens.

Armed with a enormous collection of Natalie’s quite stunning knives we set off to join Head Chef Wayne Sullivan and his team in Cirencester.  When we arrived prep was already in full flow.  I found myself skipping between the different prep areas recording the chefs’ knife skills.  Josh grabbed his new knife eagerly from Natalie and within less than a minute had almost amputated his index finger.  ‘They’re sharp then’, he mumbled in awe.

Lunch service soon began and things really started to heat up in the kitchen.  Chef Wayne was a sight to behold, in command of his team and creating works of art on the plates.  A splash of shouting and drizzle of swearing was all that was needed to create a smooth running service with very happy customers.

I love working with I.O.Shen.  Natalie has fabulous ideas and together we create lovely images.  I’m so pleased with the end results.  So is Natalie.  She has all of the images plastered across her office in canvas.  She stares dreamily at them while thinking up her next knife design.

Click here more info about I.O.Shen Master Grade Knives

 Chef Portrait Photography | © Kelly Jo Photography

This first image of Chef Wayne stood in the middle of his busy kitchen was the biggie.  It took an hour to shoot and features over 25 images blended together.  Can you spot some strategically placed I.O. Shen Knives?

I O Shen Master Grade Chefs Knives

Chef Portrait Cooking

Head Chef with his team

Chef Plating Up

Head Chef Portrait

Head Chef Preparing Food

Chef Portrait at the Pass

Head Chef Portrait Photography




Pet Portrait Photographer Meets…French Bulldogs

Pet Portrait Photographer meets French Bulldogs – My new friends!

As a Pet Portrait Photographer I get very excited to meet new creatures.  I’ve been having fun with my new pals at Premier Bullz!  I was welcomed by Fudge, Lucky, Rosie and the gang. Lots of excitable bouncing, wagging and tongue flapping!  Each little scrummy creature had their own personality and attitude.  It was fascinating to observe their little world.

And so heralds the start of a lovely new chapter.  I’m going to be working lots with Sara of Premier Bullz.  We’ll be creating some portraits and delicious artwork of her gorgeous gaggle of French and English Bulldogs.  Being a Pet Portrait Photographer has got to be up there with the best jobs in the world!

The Frenchies were adorable.  The snuffled around me.  They snorted and oinked their way hither and thither.  It was really hard to concentrate on photographing them, they’re so cute and crazy!  No wonder they get the nickname Batpig!  I completely fell in love with these characters and relish the thought of seeing more of them.

I’m extremely excited to launch my all new 2015 Pet Portrait Photography package – your chance to own some simply stunning, timeless images of your little friend to treasure.

Do you have a beloved best friend whose portrait would take pride of place on your wall?  Why not get in touch for all the info.  Gift vouchers are also available.  Click here to contact me!

French Bulldog | © Kelly Jo Photography

French Bulldog Portrait | © Kelly Jo Photography Buckinghamshire

French Bulldog Pet Portrait | © Kelly Jo Photography Buckinghamshire

French Bulldog | © Kelly Jo Photography

French Bulldog | © Kelly Jo Photography

French Bulldog Pet Portrait | © Kelly Jo Photography Buckinghamshire

Dog Bulldog Portrait | @ Kelly Jo Photography

French Bulldog | © Kelly Jo Photography

French Bulldog | © Kelly Jo PhotographyAll images © Kelly Jo Photography – Pet Portrait Photographer

A Family Portrait Like No Other

Family Portrait Photography on Location with Kelly Jo

I had worked with this wonderful family several years ago and when Julia came to me for a meeting to discuss ideas for a very different family portrait I was very excited.  Julia was insistent that she wanted a unique portrait that gave you loads to look at while capturing the essence of who they are as a family.  I had the idea of cramming as many of the family’s belongings as possible into a space that was relevant to them.  We ended up in a stable filled with a porridge bowl, books, wellies, sports kits, cooking stuff, magazines, clothes, equipment and lovely little clues as to who each one of them are.

The shot took 3 hours to dress and comprises of lots of different images blended together to ensure the lighting was correct.  This has to be one of the most satisfying shots I’ve taken, such a lot of detail work, just what I love!  What do you think?

Would you love to have your own unique, special family portrait?  For more info please get in touch here

Family Portrait in Stable

Pregnancy Photography with Kelly Jo

Bump Celebration

Richard and Liz – my lovely loony bride and groom got married in 2011 and I was lucky enough to have been a part of their very special wedding day at The Tythe Barn in Launton.  Rich and Liz are….how can I say?  Lunatics, luscious and extremely lovable.

From the day I met them I knew I’d met a couple who see things the way I do and feel the way I feel.  From being their wedding photographer I would now say I am their pal, life-long.

A few months ago Richard and Liz popped round to see me with cheeky excited grins on their faces…they had some news!  I was so overjoyed to hear that a gorgeous little addition to the happy family was due to make an appearance at the end of June.  Of course photographic plans were hatched and last week we got together for a Bump Celebration.

This bubba is going to be cherished and I can’t wait to meet him or her.  It goes without saying that I’ll be photographing the next chapter of the story – newborn scrumptiousness.

Watch this space!

For more information on Pregnancy and Newborn Baby Photography email me here OR why not give me a call? I love a good old natter! I’m on 01296 730389.

Pregnancy Photography Buckinghamshire

Pregnancy Photography Buckinghamshire

Pregnancy Photography Buckinghamshire

Pregnancy Photography Buckinghamshire

Pregnancy Photography Buckinghamshire

Pregnancy Photography Buckinghamshire

Pregnancy Photography Buckinghamshire

Pregnancy Photography Buckinghamshire

Pregnancy Photography Buckinghamshire

Pregnancy Photography Buckinghamshire

Pregnancy Photography Buckinghamshire

Commercial Head Shots

Why is a good business portrait so important?

I met Tara at an Athena Network training day.  She greeted me with her warm smile and at once I knew I had just made a friend, she has that effect.  Tara runs a very successful Virtual Assistant company and confided in me that she had no professional images of herself for her social media.  She was making do with a family ‘snap’ of herself in Paris in the rain and felt it didn’t represent her professionally.   Within a couple of weeks Tara arrived at my studio armed with her smile.  There ensued a relaxed chat/gossip/network/brainstorm/photo shoot and lo!  We had our images.  Tara now proudly uses them for her social media…and proud she should be.

Well crafted Head Shots for all your profiles and website is essential if you want to give a professional impression.  Be recognised too – don’t use photographs of yourself from 1987 sporting a bubble perm.  Let’s get you looking your best so that you can really SHOUT from the internet!

To find out more about Kelly’s affordable, quick and easy Commercial Head Shot Packages get in touch by clicking here

Commercial Portrait

Business Portrait

Tara Commercial Head Shot


Weddings, Babies and Lots of Love

One couple’s fairytale

12th June 2010…I strolled through the sun dappled gardens of The Tythe Barn at Launton.  Close by were Drew and Victoria, that very hour newly wed.  They giggled, gazed and smooched as I photographed, it was a truly memorable day, full of love and excitement.  Fast forward to a chilly February morning in 2013, there’s a knock at my door and in from the cold appear Victoria, Drew and…..Sam!  Two have become three and I had the absolute honour of photographing my beautiful bride and groom once more, this time with their perfect dumpling of loveliness Sam.

Sam found my strange noises and deranged expressions at first bemusing, followed by interesting and finally entertaining.  Smiles were plentiful and I got that whole ‘grit your teeth ‘cos you want to scrumble them up’ feeling with Sam, he’s a joyful little man.  It means the world to be able to document this wonderful couple’s adventures, long may it last.

If you’d like to know more about Kelly’s baby and family photography, get in touch with her by clicking here

Wedding Couple

Daddy, Mummy and Baby

Mummy & Daddy Kisses for Baby

Baby Portrait

Baby wrapped in faux fur

Baby Portraiture

Smiley Baby

Baby Photography with Kelly Jo

Dazzling Megan makes my day

When little Megan came to see me the first thing I noticed staring at me from her cosy car seat was her amazing saucer-like eyes.  I adore a baby’s curiosity and Megan’s expressive little mush seemed to say ‘What on EARTH is going on here?’  She’s a treasure and I’m so glad I was able to capture those eyes.  I used natural light to really make the most of Megan’s brand new adorableness.  Can you see the ‘catchlights’ in her eyes?  They are made by a window…which is pretty apt I believe.  I’m grinning crazily while I’m writing this, just looking at Megan’s photos makes my day a great deal sunnier.

Say hello if you’d like to know more about natural light baby portraits…I’m so excited about new ideas I want to try.  Email me and tell me the story of your little person! Click here to get in touch…

Baby Photography

Baby Photography

Baby Photography


Baby Photography

Children’s Portraits with Kelly Jo

Leila – we’ve told her enough, but does she KNOW how delicious she is?

I firmly believe that eyes are the windows to the soul.  When I look into Leila’s eyes I know I’m seeing a very special little soul.  She has brought sunshine into the world. AND she has an amazing super-power, turning grumpy people into giggling fools.  Or grown-ups into jibbering loved-up starry eyed slush puppies.  There’s nothing anyone can do about it, she’s just too beautiful.

Children’s Portraits by Kelly Jo

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Toddler Portrait

Toddler Portrait

Toddler Portrait

Child's Portrait

Child's Portrait


Newborn Natural Light Baby Photography with Kelly Jo

Little Nemia makes her debut

There’s nothing more magical than the transformation from bump to bubba.  Photographing the gorgeous Rina and her bump was a relaxed and perfectly lovely experience.  From then on I sat in my studio with camera poised, tapping my fingers, huffing, fidgeting and checking my watch waiting for the arrival of Rina’s little girl.  Then….YES!  Nemia burst forth in dramatic and speedy fashion, she couldn’t even wait for her daddy to get the things from the car in the hospital car park before she flew into the world!  At eight days old Nemia made one of her first outings to my studio to be adored, cooed over and pixelised with love.  She is a real corker, a delicious dumpling.  I feel so lucky to be the able to capture her scrumptiousness at this precious, sacred time.


Tiny Feet

Baby Portrait

Holding Mummy's Hand


Baby Portrait