Fun on the Farm!

Charles & Fleur

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I was lucky enough to be able to join Charles and Fleur for some silly time at their beautiful home in Buckinghamshire.  They were kind enough to show me how to make mud pies, run around like crazy things, hug trees, wave sticks and generally be gorgeous.  This dinky brother and sister team made me very welcome and I felt it only right to act like a five year old too. I don’t need much of an excuse. Thanks to all the family for inviting me to join you and I am so proud to know that in designing your family portrait album I have created an heirloom to pass down the generations.  See you in a couple of years for some more Fun on the Farm!


Polly and Lucy at The Studio

Ladies take your seat – The Throne is Unveiled!

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This wasn’t the first trip these two adorable little girls have made to my studio, they know the ropes.  But it was the first time they’d got to be princesses sitting on a throne!  My gorgeous new chair had it’s first encounter with miniature people and I must say, the little ladies looked very much at home on it.  They’d even had a pamper session at the hairdressers before coming to the studio.  You see, their mummy wasn’t sure how to do French plaits so I gave her a little lesson on my resident model – husband Glenn.  He does have his uses, mainly as a Barry Gibb Looky Likey.  Well done Polly & Lucy, so lovely to see you again.

The Moreton Family

An Autumn walk in the countryside – in shirtsleeves?

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Something strange is happening this October – we had beautiful blue skies and eighteen degrees of warm sunshine on our backs.  With perfect conditions for a stroll through the fields, Lottie bounded around in ditches and hedgerows, while Sam recovered from a poke in the eye from Ben. Then Sam chuckled to himself when Ben squelched his Converse into a fresh cowsplat. We had lots of fun on our little walk and it was a true pleasure to join this happy family on their warm, sunny Saturday afternoon.

Kick Hair Location Photography

Hair & Fashion Photography on Location in Buckinghamshire

Photography for Kick Hair, Twickenham

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There was a great deal of anticipation for this one.  I love working with a team, it’s so exhilarating when you’re used to working on your own.  The location was what got me going, somewhere secret in deepest Buckinghamshire that I’d discovered and had permission to access – more on this later.  After a long day we were all so excited by what we’d achieved, even Dom was really happy with the hair (‘perfectionist’ doesn’t come close).  It was a delight to work with these guys again and we’re already planning the next one.

Hair: Domenic Hand
Make up: Daisy Whitney
Styling: Zoe Hand
Model: Stephanie