9 Years of photos with Kick Hair

Kick Hair & KJP. A selection of our creations

I’ve known Dom of Kick Hair Ltd in Twickenham for about 20 years. We go WAY back. He started his own salon and I started my own photography business. It seemed daft not to team up for some creative shenanigans. Back in 2009 we planned to do a shoot with a model at the salon. This would be one of my first forays into hair & fashion photography. I’d been running the business for a couple of years and was ready to start doing some different stuff. Dom was hankering after making some images of his own work. He wanted to hang some photos up in huge format in his cool new salon.

To find a model wasn’t easy. As we didn’t have a budget it was up to Dom to find someone local who would be happy to do the shoot for poos and giggles. It is surprising that Dom wasn’t arrested. He loitered in the local Greggs. He walked slowly up and down Twickenham High Street staring at good looking ladies. OK, this isn’t true. It was Burger King. Dom loitered and stared until he finally found our model. He carried out some test styles. He created a strange silvery tube prop and was ready.

Photographing with Dom

Working on a shoot with Dom is, well, unique. He’s a perfectionist, just like me. And my god, he can faff. I think he should have letters after his name. Domenic Hand F.A.F.F. It has to be exact, that’s only right. On our very first shoot in 2009 I would take a photo, just line up for another and suddenly I’d see shhhzzzzzzoooooom, Dom whizzing past my viewfinder and oh, back of his head shot. I would give the model a suggestion for a pose. Dom would suggest she did something different simultaneously. I would spend ages messing about with lighting, taking hundreds of shots. It was all a bit messy. But we got there. Over the years we learned how to work together. When we do a shoot now we’re like a well oiled machine.

The team has grown too, we now have the gorgeous and talented Hannah White as our makeup artist. Hannah adds a whole new facet to our creative collaboration and I have to say, the three of us are a sleek operation.

Here are Nine Years of Kick Hair. A lovely journey we’re proud to still be on….

Kick Hair | © Kelly Jo Photography2009

Kick Hair | © Kelly Jo Photography2009 (shoot later that year)

Kick Hair | © Kelly Jo Photography2010

Kick Hair © Kelly Jo Photography2011

Kick Hair | © Kelly Jo Photography2012

Kick Hair | © Kelly Jo Photography2012 (2nd Shoot)

Kick Hair | © Kelly Jo Photography2013

Kick Hair | © Kelly Jo Photography2014

Kick Hair | © Kelly Jo Photography2015

Kick Hair | © Kelly Jo Photography2016

Kick Hair | © Kelly Jo Photography2017

Boogienotes – Band Photography

Band Photography by Kelly Jo

I was recently introduced to a lady with a plan. The lady is the gorgeous Angela Nottage, the business brains behind Boogienotes – a group of professional musicians. Little did I know I was about to embark on a photographic adventure where I had free reign to create. Little did I know that I was about to meet a remarkable bunch of characters that have left me whirling in a swirl of awe.

Let me tell you about Boogienotes. The leader of the band is Miles Nottage, Angela’s husband. Miles is a pianist, composer, singer and the ‘Head of Rock, Pop and Jazz’ at Stowe School. The first time I heard Miles play was in April at a charity concert and I was photographing. I had to shake myself and remember to press the shutter button – his performance was spellbinding. Add to that the rest of the immensely skilled band and the result is spine-tingly.

Boogienotes are a flexible bunch. They perform in various line-ups. They may be a chilled Jazz Trio for one gig, then belt out chart stuff and modern classics as a Rock & Pop Band for another. Switch people around and you have larger Jazz Ensembles or a ‘Little’ Big Band. They can suit any type of event or gig, they are professionals, they are fun and by Jove, they are talented.

The band have got a huge gig coming up on 27th May at Stowe School – they’re supporting  lovely local superstar Tony Hadley. There are a few tickets left if you fancy it, find all the info here. It’s going to be a night to remember and my money is on Boogienotes stealing the show.

Let me introduce you to the band:

 Band Photography | © Kelly Jo PhotographyMiles. Leader. Writes, sings, plays. When he crafts a tune on a Steinway it makes you feel all weird.

Band Photography | © Kelly Jo PhotographyRob. Bass. This man is cool. He has the moves. He has the swag.

Band Photography | © Kelly Jo PhotographyMatt. Drums. Unwavering, unshakeable. Concentratey. Slick. Knows how to put a pair of brushes to good use.

Band Photography | © Kelly Jo PhotographyPaul. Guitarist. What this guy can’t do with six strings isn’t worth listening to. Unassumingly awesome.

Band Photography | © Kelly Jo PhotographyKate. Sax. Smooth, elegant. Adds an air of sophistication to proceedings.

Band Photography | © Kelly Jo PhotographyMolly. Vocals. Voice like molten Lindor chocolate. This young lady is quite simply magical.

Band Photography | © Kelly Jo PhotographyJim. Vocals. Likes to belt out a tune. And boy can he belt ‘em out. Rock. Pop. He’s your man.

Band Photography | © Kelly Jo PhotographyChrissy. Vocals. Rich, strong voice that can blast you off your feet. Epic and adorable all at once.

Band Photography | © Kelly Jo PhotographySheridan. Vocals. Performance on the grandest of scales. This man renders human beings helpless with one cheeky wink of his eye.

* * *

LISTEN TO BOOGIENOTES! Here’s a link to their recent live performance of Seven Nation Army, with photos by yours truly: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9wTvpTl1lN0

The band has other fantastic guest musicians that often join them and Boogienotes continues to evolve. They are available for hire for a huge array of events and can supply a line up to suit your needs exactly. To find out more head on over to their website www.boogienotes.com

I feel truly honoured to know these guys and I’m so excited to be able to show them off in all their glory. Get some Boogienotes in your life too!

Band Photography by Kelly Jo

Food Photography Buckinghamshire by Kelly Jo – Rosedene Bakery Aylesbury

Anna is cooking up something scrummy to get VERY excited about at Rosedene Bakery – Food Photography Buckinghamshire

This is where Food Photography Buckinghamshire gets down right devourable.  Local business lady Anna Atkins-Carter visited my studio.  She was laden with samples of the most delicious, delectable, devourable delicacies you could ever wish to lay eyes on.  It took every fibre of my will power not to knock her to one side and dive head first into the Victoria Sponge.  Anna has created a gorgeous new concept….homemade cakes and bakes just like your granny made.  These are  delivered to your door, ready to be demolished by you and your loved ones.  Not only does Anna supply her eager customers with cakes and teatime treats, she also has a wonderful new product.  Afternoon Tea delivered to your door! Scones, Bakewells and other fine fair for a ready-to-go treat.  You can even hire vintage china tea sets from her to really impress your guests.  Anna is going to be offering Baking Lessons too. These are workshops that get you back to basics and build your confidence in the kitchen.  Anna’s own granny inspired a love of baking in her and she is dedicated to passing that same inspiration on to others.

From a food photography point of view this was a great job for me.  Anna left me to style the images which is something I love to do.  I used props from around the house along with the pieces Anna brought with her.  I love to set a scene.  Adding interesting props makes the images have depth and interest.  I want to be able to show my client’s products in the most attractive light possible.  I believe the answer to this is attention to detail.

To find out more about Rosedene Bakery, Anna and her glorious world of all things yummy, visit her website: www.rosedenebakery.co.uk


Afternoon Tea Photography Aylesbury

Bakewell Tart

Commercial Food Photography Buckinghamshire

Rosedene Bakery Commercial Photography

Food Photography Aylesbury

Commercial Photography Aylesbury

Commercial Photography Aylesbury

Commercial Photography Aylesbury



Product Photography Buckinghamshire – I.O. Shen Master Grade Knives

Product Photography Buckinghamshire – I.O. Shen Master Grade Knives

Product Photography Buckinghamshire – Ad Campaign and Promo work for client I.O. Shen Master Grade Knives

Earlier in the year I was lucky enough to spend a day cooking with Masterchef Finalist Andrew Kojima.  He introduced me to his array of beautiful professional chef’s knives and I immediately fell in love with I O Shen.  The knives are perfection and working with them was an absolute joy.  Koj kindly hooked me up with Natalie from I O Shen who just so happened to be based just down the road from me.  In the blink of an eye we were in the studio photographing their new 10th Anniversary Gift Set, creating images for an ad campaign.  With some tremendous artwork jiggerypokery from graphics genius Julie Lodge of Jamtastic Design, I’m sure you’ll agree the final result is just devine.  What a sense of pride I felt when I saw the ad in the latest edition of Jamie (Oliver) Magazine and Great British Food.

There are some little tricks I use in the studio to achieve a look.  Natalie and I worked as a team to achieve the look we needed.  Product photography is an exact science and photographing metal is a challenge.  Reflections, light and shine all play a role.  With a lot of patience and careful adjustments we nailed the shoot in a day.

Take a look at some of the behind the scenes, the gorgeous knives and the ad itself!

Anniversary Knife

Penknife from gift set

Block of Knives

Kelly Jo Photographing

Knives in photographic studio

I O Shen Knife Advert

Jamie Magazine Ad

Baby Portraits Buckinghamshire | Newborns

Baby Portraits Buckinghamshire – Charlotte is here!

Baby Portraits Buckinghamshire – Client: Richard, Liz and Charlotte

A mere four weeks after excitedly celebrating ‘the bump‘ in photos, Richard and Liz walked back through my door adorned with cheeky, tired grins.  In Liz’s arms lay the bundle of beauteousness long awaited – Baby Charlotte Poppy!  Three and a half hours of motorway mayhem had taken it’s toll and the little lady was very unimpressed with the whole situation.  A much needed feed and new nappy later and we were off again, recording the next chapter in this adorable family’s life.

When I looked through the lens I absorbed the image of Richard and Liz gazing at their new treasure with so much love.  I wish I could bottle that sense of pride.  And I could understand it…that little lady is totally edible.

From meeting a potential bride and groom all the way to being honoured with the title ‘Aunty Kell‘, this is a spectacular story I’m so proud to have told.

You can see the beginning of the story with Richard & Liz’s Wedding Day here

For another look at the Bump Photos with Charlotte still yet to make an appearance click here

Baby Photography Buckinghamshire

Baby balanced on arm

Family & Baby Portait

Close Up Baby Image

Close up of Baby's Hand

Baby Girl Portait


Baby Photography



Weddings, Babies and Lots of Love

One couple’s fairytale

12th June 2010…I strolled through the sun dappled gardens of The Tythe Barn at Launton.  Close by were Drew and Victoria, that very hour newly wed.  They giggled, gazed and smooched as I photographed, it was a truly memorable day, full of love and excitement.  Fast forward to a chilly February morning in 2013, there’s a knock at my door and in from the cold appear Victoria, Drew and…..Sam!  Two have become three and I had the absolute honour of photographing my beautiful bride and groom once more, this time with their perfect dumpling of loveliness Sam.

Sam found my strange noises and deranged expressions at first bemusing, followed by interesting and finally entertaining.  Smiles were plentiful and I got that whole ‘grit your teeth ‘cos you want to scrumble them up’ feeling with Sam, he’s a joyful little man.  It means the world to be able to document this wonderful couple’s adventures, long may it last.

If you’d like to know more about Kelly’s baby and family photography, get in touch with her by clicking here

Wedding Couple

Daddy, Mummy and Baby

Mummy & Daddy Kisses for Baby

Baby Portrait

Baby wrapped in faux fur

Baby Portraiture

Smiley Baby

Baby Photography with Kelly Jo

Dazzling Megan makes my day

When little Megan came to see me the first thing I noticed staring at me from her cosy car seat was her amazing saucer-like eyes.  I adore a baby’s curiosity and Megan’s expressive little mush seemed to say ‘What on EARTH is going on here?’  She’s a treasure and I’m so glad I was able to capture those eyes.  I used natural light to really make the most of Megan’s brand new adorableness.  Can you see the ‘catchlights’ in her eyes?  They are made by a window…which is pretty apt I believe.  I’m grinning crazily while I’m writing this, just looking at Megan’s photos makes my day a great deal sunnier.

Say hello if you’d like to know more about natural light baby portraits…I’m so excited about new ideas I want to try.  Email me and tell me the story of your little person! Click here to get in touch…

Baby Photography

Baby Photography

Baby Photography


Baby Photography

Children’s Portraits with Kelly Jo

Leila – we’ve told her enough, but does she KNOW how delicious she is?

I firmly believe that eyes are the windows to the soul.  When I look into Leila’s eyes I know I’m seeing a very special little soul.  She has brought sunshine into the world. AND she has an amazing super-power, turning grumpy people into giggling fools.  Or grown-ups into jibbering loved-up starry eyed slush puppies.  There’s nothing anyone can do about it, she’s just too beautiful.

Children’s Portraits by Kelly Jo

If you would like to have your gorgeous little one’s portrait taken by Kelly Jo, get in touch here

Toddler Portrait

Toddler Portrait

Toddler Portrait

Child's Portrait

Child's Portrait


Newborn Natural Light Baby Photography with Kelly Jo

Little Nemia makes her debut

There’s nothing more magical than the transformation from bump to bubba.  Photographing the gorgeous Rina and her bump was a relaxed and perfectly lovely experience.  From then on I sat in my studio with camera poised, tapping my fingers, huffing, fidgeting and checking my watch waiting for the arrival of Rina’s little girl.  Then….YES!  Nemia burst forth in dramatic and speedy fashion, she couldn’t even wait for her daddy to get the things from the car in the hospital car park before she flew into the world!  At eight days old Nemia made one of her first outings to my studio to be adored, cooed over and pixelised with love.  She is a real corker, a delicious dumpling.  I feel so lucky to be the able to capture her scrumptiousness at this precious, sacred time.


Tiny Feet

Baby Portrait

Holding Mummy's Hand


Baby Portrait

Baby & Family Portrait Session in the Studio

Mia Casts a Spell

Meeting Mia for the first time in the studio was unforgettable. With her exquisite mix of Edward Scissorhands hair and the face of a cherub from above, little Mia cast a spell on me from the outset. Mummy & Daddy are under that spell too and I can see wonderful times ahead for this happy little family. Got a feeling this little gal is going to make a big difference to the world….

If you’re interested in booking a Baby & Family Portrait Session in the studio just like Mia, get in touch!

You can see the full gallery of images from Mia’s Portrait Session here

Baby Photograph

Baby Photography

Photograph of Baby

Baby Photography

Image of Baby

Studio Portrait of Baby

Image of Baby's Feet

Mother and Baby Portrait

Family Portrait